Its Official!

Last night was the final test for Sunny in her obedience class. This was her first class and she passed. In the class, that we took at Petsmart, she had to learn: sit, look, down, leave-it, walking on leash, drop-it, greeting other dogs while on the leash, to give you their paw, and stay. She has most of them down pretty good. She still has to work on walking on the leash without pulling and also stay. The rest of them she is really good at. I even taught her how to not eat treats when I put them on her paws. I will post a video of that.

We had a good time in the class. The teacher’s name was Sebastian and he was really nice. He had a golden retriever of his own, so I think he was extra nice to Sunny. I had already taught her a bunch of stuff , so this just was extra. Sunny is such a good dog, it was easy.

Here is a picture of us at graduation. Isn’t she cute with her graduation cap?