From 2014 – Tales of a Foster

About three months ago my family decided that we wanted to help foster dogs with the Golden Rescue South Florida organization. This organization rescues Golden Retrievers here in the eastern part of south Florida. That means from Palm Beach down to the Keys.

Here is a link to their website:

But they said that their Facebook page is updated quicker. Here is their link.

My mom says they are a non-profit that you may make a charitable contribution to that you can write off on your taxes if that helps. hint hint

A lady, Lourdes, came to our house to check us out and see if our family and our house was the right fit to do this. Since my mom stays home and home schools me and my dad works at home and we have a fence around our back yard she thought were were perfect to foster dogs. Yay!!!!

I wanted to just get another dog, but my mom and dad explained that fostering one was better because you get to have new dogs all the time.

So we waited and waited to get a foster. The organization is based in Palm Beach so they get most of the dogs. But finally we got a call and they brought us this cute, fuzzy, really nice dog named London. London was half Chow Chow and half Golden Retriever.

He was so well behaved. Even The Wein was showing off to him by sitting before being asked to go out the door. That was funny! Sunny was really happy to have someone her own size to play with. I think though that she made London upset by trying to play too much.

We took him to the pool at my grandma’s a couple of time. He was not happy about my dad bringing him in to the water. I think his Chow side told his brain, “water, no thanks.” But he kept going around and around the pool like he wanted to jump in, especially when he saw Sunny swimming. He kept trying to save my brother if he would get near the edge.

We only had him for a week when the organization woman called my mom to tell her that she had someone that wanted to adopt him. They came that weekend and met him and loved him, of course! So he went away with them to live. This is the mom and daughter of the family with London at their house.

We hope they will have as much fun with him as we did, even if it was for a short time.