My Amazing Daughter Piper


This post is from Piper’s mother, Rickee. I wanted to tell everyone how amazing my daughter really is. I also wanted to tell you about some of the things she did before starting this blog, almost all dog related of course.

When she was in the third grade she read a series of books by the author Ellen Miles called The Puppy Place books. They are about kids that foster dogs. In one of the books the main character starts a group to help animals. Piper came to me and asked if she could start a group in school, she was not homeschooled then, that did something similar. The club’s mission was to teach children to advocate for animals. She called it the Creature Care Club. She went to the principal at the school to ask permission to have the club. She made the agenda, thought of ideas for activities and also asked people to be speakers. There were 25 student members and they had a great deal of fun. Each meeting started off with Ten Fun Facts about that days topic animal.

One speaker she had was a vet student at FIU, Jackie, who also was a representative from the organization Pets’ Trust Miami founded by Michael Rosenberg to raise awareness of shelter conditions in the Miami area.

piper and jackie

A story ran in the local news:

At the meeting the kids engaged in a “four legged” race.

start race

race 3


They did quite a few other things, but I will post about them later.

This is one great kid, I am sure you are able to tell that already though. Thanks for reading her blog, she appreciates it very much.