Top Three

Today I competed with my teammates in the Odyssey of the Mind competition. I played the Director. We won third place for our division for all of south Florida. We practiced for months and had a fun time doing the work. I will post more when I get all the pictures. This is me and my brother Finn at the awards ceremony. He played the Critic.


We did problem #5

Problem 5: Silent Movie
Divisions I, II, III & IV
Lights, camera…action! In this problem teams will create and present a performance depicting a Director character that produces and presents a silent movie featuring a humorous villain character that commits three silly acts of “villainy”. Characters that are in the movie may not speak as part of the presentation of the movie. Instead, like classic silent films, the team will use music played on a team-created instrument and creatively displayed subtitles to convey its story to the audience and judges. Also, teams will use a signal to indicate when the movie begins and ends. 

If you want to learn more about Odyssey of the Mind you can go to the link below: