Jobs that are Fun for Kids

My neighbors have three big dogs, Emmy, Bailey, and Buddy. Emmy and Bailey are Labrador Retrievers and Buddy is an American Bulldog. They are great dogs. Bailey was a show dog. He won so many awards and his children do all the time too. Did you know that conformation, that is what showing a dog is called, cannot learn to sit? Mean people at shows come by and will tell your dog to sit so that you lose points so you can’t teach them to sit.

My neighbor works, so does her husband. So the dogs are not able to go out during the day much. So, my neighbor knows that I love dogs and asked me to come over and play with them, teach them some tricks for fun, and feed them since I am home because I am homeschooled. My dad always comes with me because the dogs are pretty big so it is safer if I have his help.

I thought that you might like to see a video and some pictures of the dogs and me playing. They love it so much. My mom always says that she wants to take Buddy because he is such a good dog. I am going to start training him to do scent articles because he can find that kong thing anywhere I throw it so I bet he will be good at scenting.

Here is the link to the video on my Youtube channel:

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