Training my Shetland Sheepdog Rudy

My mom and me made a few videos for everyone to see how much Rudy is learning. We go to Paws in Motion for training. Sheyla Gutierrez is our trainer for regular stuff and George Griffin is the conformation trainer. They are both great. If you live in South Florida down south you should try them. Also, the owner Tracy is great too. I have not taken a class taught by her yet. But I am sure she is a great trainer because she is such a nice person and really loves dogs.

Here are the links to the videos on my Youtube channel. You can just go to the channel and go to the videos list but if you want to watch just one or two you can go right to that video with the links I put by each description.

You have to watch the first one of me and Rudy playing tug-of-war, his growling is hilarious!!!!


Rudy playing tug-of-war

Go Around and Weave training my Sheltie Rudy

Spin, Beg and Bow training with Rudy

Tunnel Training with Rudy

Box training with Rudy

Training Feet with Rudy

Training Rudy to Pivot