Sunny Therapy

This Saturday we went to the library to do our final session of Therapy Dog training. You have to do two sessions in a medical building and one not. We went to the library in Pinecrest. We waited but something must have happened because our Evaluator did not show. But we did go in to the library to tell them that we were there and to tell the Evaluator that we had waited. We spoke with the Reference person and found out so many good things. They have a creative writing group for kids there! I cannot wait to go back. We have to reschedule the evaluation for Sunny but at least we did not have such a bad time. It was hot outside waiting though which is why I look so funny in the picture. You have to dress nice, no shorts or flip flops.

We were going to have Sunny sit there and children are allowed to come over and read to her. Reading to a dog is less scary than to an adult sometimes. So if the little kid has trouble reading they can practice with Sunny. They also like to pet the dogs to calm themselves down if they are afraid to read out loud. I hope we can go back soon and do the session.