Poetry by Us

Today my brother had a homework assignment to write a poem about Spring. So when he was writing his I wrote one too.

You can comment on my poem if you like.

Here’s Finn’s

Earth around the Sun

Telling when to begin.

Flowers getting ready,

Blooming in the light.

Winter goes.

Singing joy.

Red and orange leaves;

Playing in them.

Twigs sprouting new.

Space, Moon,

Water controlled,

Clouds full,

Down it rains.

Cycle continues.

Here’s Mine

Rain falling, dew drops form

Flowers bud after a storm.

The leaves shine green.

Their frost coats have

Melted leaving a

Slight sheen.

The Sun glows warming

In the clear sky.

Animals are coming

Out.The birds start

To fly.The air is fresh, the

World starts anew and

It all started with

One drop of dew.