Good Day at Deering


I know I post about my trips to the Deering Estate all the time. But, it is a really pretty place. Every time I go there I see something new. Today I found all these fish hanging out on a rock. I am not sure which kind of fish they are yet but will look it up.

My mom said we should take some pictures of the flowers because they were all in bloom and maybe people that live up north still don’t have warm weather and might want to see them.

This is the house that Mr. Deering built to live in when he learned that he needed to be safer from hurricanes. Do you see that back yard? I would love to have that front yard so I could run with the dogs all day.


Remember when I wrote about the palm trees from Miami Vice tv show, but they were hard to see in the picture? Well, I got a good picture today of them.

These two pictures are of some artwork that the estate has. They have artists that work there all the time. The one of the big stone is of the Golden Mean also known as the Fibonacci Spiral. The Golden Mean is a spiral that has been around for a long time. Artists use it to design their works to be pleasing to the eye. It is also used in math and other sciences. Many say that the Nautilus sea animal’s shell represents the Golden Mean which is probably why they made the big one and the little one next to one another on the grounds of the DE.

You can see more about it at these links.

I also saw a barracuda, a big blue crab and a manatee. If you look close you can see the manatee lifting his nose in the middle of the water. We are going kayaking next time. I cannot wait!!!!