Busy Weekend

Friday and Saturday my mom and I volunteered at the Agility Trials at Tropical Park. We did about every job you could do. This time I had to do the Scribing, writing down the scores, for a trial called Fast. It is what it sounds like, FAST! There are many different obstacles for the dogs to do like jump bars, teeter, tunnel, a-frame, weave poles and dog walks. Each obstacle is worth so many points. You are supposed to get through all the obstacles in a certain amount of time. There is also an area that you cannot walk in but your dog has to still do the obstacles in the special area. If you step in the area you get a Fault and if your dog does the obstacles in the area and you don’t go in you get a Bonus. The judge holds up their fingers telling you the amount of points the dog is getting. It is really fast though. You have to circle the points on the point sheet as the judge calls them out. It is pretty difficult so you have to pay close attention. Usually people are really nice and sit next to you and help you. They did this weekend. It helped so much.

This link explains what you have to do on the FAST course.


This video link shows a dog running the FAST course. Look at the judge to the left raising her hands and calling out the scores.


I cannot wait to do that with Rudy my sheltie! I trained him this weekend on tunnels and go arounds.

We had fun, It was busy and we had to be there really early but it was worth it. We were so tired when we got home we layer down. My mom fell asleep. I was upset that we did not go to my friend’s birthday party, but we did get him a great gift which we will take to him hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday.