South Florida had What?

Today my brother and I were inside because it was raining. She asked us to walk the dogs but the rain was pretty bad. The dogs would not go out. So we went to do an art project, Picasso Witch Faces. When they are finished I will post them. I will also probably post the dog I am thinking of making. So, we are doing our project and my mom calls us and tells us to come quick to the kitchen. We run in there super fast and she tells us that it is hailing outside. Can you believe it? We run outside and it is hailing. They were not big, maybe half an inch in diameter, but it was hailing!!! In Miami!!!

My crazy brother, Finn, decided to go out in the rain. He kept yelling, “ouch!” The hail kept hitting him.

Here is a link to the video my mom made.

We like to call it snow, well, it is the closest thing to snowing in Miami we are probably going to get so we are going to keep saying it snowed. It was crazy.