Isaac Farms

Today my mom wanted to get out of the house and decided that we should go to a nursery because she saw on Facebook that Isaac Farms had new kittens, and who doesn’t love kittens? So we went to the Redlands south of our house. We saw the kittens and named them. There were two orange ones and one that was light orange and cream. The two orange ones we named Mew and Chew because that is what they did and the cream one we named Creamsicle. Finn kept asking my mom if he could keep one but she and my dad said no because we have three cats already. Finn was upset.

This nursery has mostly succulents, like cactus type of plants, which my mom loves. It was really fun. We brought home a few for our backyard. We are going to try to copy some of the planters that they had made there.

Here is a link to their web page:

and their Facebook page: