Agility Equipment Update

After using the Agility equipment that my parents made for me and the dogs we thought that we needed to make some changes. I remembered what the trainer told us about making the weave poles short so you could easily guide the dogs through them and told my dad. So he came up with a different weave pole. This one is easier because it is shorter and also it does not have to stay in one place. They also made a teeter for the dogs to practice on. It is like a see-saw in the playground. We made a small one so that the dogs could get used to walking on it and having it tilt down. That scares them sometimes so a small on is better to work with first. I put them up in the backyard and added a cone for the dogs to practice “go arounds” and it turned out great. Sunny loved it so much and so did Klaus. I think Klaus liked the treats but Sunny really loved running around and doing the course. Rudy was a champion his first try of course.

We made a video you can watch on my Youtube channel at: