A Great Lunch with Brooke

Today me and my mom decided to get out of the house for lunch and go visit our friend Brooke who works at The Lab Miami http://thelabmiami.com downtown in Wynwood, the art district. It is a really cool place and the neighborhood is so interesting. All the building are painted with murals and there are good restaurants and shops. My mom had her photos hanging in a gallery there a while ago, it was a picture of Finn and some more of the both of me and Finn.

Brooke gave us a tour of the place she works. It is a place that lets you rent space to have meetings or work. The place tries to have creative people use it mostly. The best part was that they allow you to bring your dog! We did not know this or we would have brought at least one of them. Everyone would have loved to pet Sunny.

Then we went to lunch at a salad place. I ordered Lemon Grass Soup with chicken, it tasted great but was too spicy so I brought it home for my dad to eat. Then we walked back to where Brooke works and we came home. It was a fun trip.