An Evening at the Beach

Another thing we do when we visit St. Pete Beach at my  great grandpa’s house is go to the beach. We usually go in the evening because it is so hot and we have red hair and fair skin so we burn in the daytime. No, we are not vampires! Silly. We just get so sunburned and the sun does not go down until about 9 pm in the summer it is better to go in the evening.20150620_8110_1

This time we went walking, far! My mom likes to walk on the beach for miles. I was walking and collecting shells when I looked down and found a really huge one. My mom said it was a conch shell. Then I noticed that the conch was still in it. Conchs look like a slimy snail creature that lives in the sea. Their shells are part of them so they grow with them. You can eat them, but my mom said they are not too good. I threw them back to live their lives.

As we continued walking after I found the first one we saw about twenty more along our walk. Every time I looked down we saw one.

I was telling my mom that mermaids were the ones that were sending me the conchs to find. I told her that most people don’t believe in mermaids, but that I asked them to find proof that they did not exist and no one so far has found proof. So maybe?!

Each picture is a different conch!

Here is a short video of one in action.

We saw Sand Pipers, which of course my mom thought was nice. 20150620_8195We even took a video of them running along the beach shoreline.

We also saw some hermit crabs, but he was too shy and would not come out of his shell for us to say hello to him.  20150620_8220This is the Don Cesar hotel on the south end of St. Pete Beach. It is so pretty especially in the evening sunset.


My mom had to take some pictures of me with the sunset, plus I think she wanted to just try out some of the settings on my camera.

Then the best thing ever happened! We turned around to walk back to the car and found this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha, I told you they were real.