Visiting Great Grandpa

After we went to Orlando to the dog show we went to see my Great Grandpa in St. Pete Beach, FL. He loves dogs so he did not mind if we brought Rudy with us. His dog Penny, a Papillon, and Rudy played together. We had such a good time. It is good to relax at his house. He lives about two blocks from the beach. Me and my mom went there to rest. We also went to eat at my grandpa’s favorite restaurant, Ted Peters. They make smoked fish, but me and my grandpa love the cheeseburgers. They are the best in the whole world. The picture on top here is of us eating there. One time we brought Rudy, and he stayed in the back of my mom’s van with all the doors open, parked in the shade a few feet from us. They let you do that there.

We also thought it would be fun to visit Rudy’s family in Palm Harbor, a little bit north of St. Pete Beach. The breeder, Himark Shelties, is run by Judy Guaraldo. She is really nice. She keeps at least 19 dogs in her house. My grandpa loved to see all of them

Here is a video of me walking with them, they were so funny following me thinking I was going to give them treats.

Rudy was smaller than most of her dogs and he decided to hide behind the couch for a while to get away from the pack. But then Judy pulled him out and put him down in the middle of all of them so they could welcome him. When we left her house Rudy’s mother tried to come with us. My grandpa thinks that is because she remembered him.