Having Fun with Friends

Eating shrimp at Scotty's Landing

Last week our friends came to visit us here in South Florida. They live in Maryland, or Merryland, as their father calls it my mom says. My mom knows their father from high school. They stayed with us for a few days and we had so much fun. First we went to lunch with their high school English teacher that both my mom and Jason thought was one of the best teachers they ever had. We went to Scotty’s in Coconut Grove. It is on the water and really nice. Their teacher, Mr. Kendall, was also really nice. My mom says that she wants to send him my writing so that he can critique it. He said he would love to do that for me. I am excited to send something but a bit nervous.

Then the next day we went to Venetian Pool in Coral Gables. I got a brochure that told all about it. It opened in 1923 from a coral rock quarry. The pool has 820,000 gallons of spring water fed from an underground aquifer. In the spring and summer the whole pool is filled and drained daily. There are two waterfalls and a cave area. My mom and Jason said that they used to go there and jump off the high dive areas of the rocks but you can’t do that anymore. The pool area looks like Venice, Italy. It was created by George Merrick, artist Denman Fink and architect Phineas Paist.

The coolest thing is that in October this year they are having a swim with your dog day. I cannot wait to take Sunny our golden retriever! She is going to have so much fun.

And of course, like we do every time Jason, Keilyn, and William come to visit us we go to The Big Cheese! The best pizza, the best garlic rolls, the best everything!!!! If you knew how many pictures we have of all of us sitting outside of here you wouldn’t believe it.