Photo Session

Yesterday and today we took photos of our pets. When I turned 10 I got to change my room. It used to be pink and green, from when I was little. Now that I am older I wanted to change it to blue with sort of a french style. My mom and dad painted and put up these wood panels around the room. I picked out the color and the curtains. We still have a couple of things to do, but mostly it is finished. What I wanted to do also was to change the pictures that were in the frames on the walls. They used to have flamingos and other pictures but I wanted to change it to pictures of the dogs and cats that we have. Oh, and the chickens too.

When I am finished I plan on posting a bunch of photos and also having a room warming party with my friends.

My mom is a photographer. She and her friend own their own company, B. Baum Photography. They do weddings and portraits. So she set up the lights and a backdrop and we took some pictures. It was difficult trying to get the cats to sit still. The dogs were easier since we taught them to sit and wait until we tell them they can move.

Here are a few of the pictures: