Climbing Trees, Banana Cream Pie, Chickens, and My Grandpa

Finn and I have been climbing the tree in my backyard. It is a banyan tree.  This means that it grows roots down from the branches that will reach the ground. It grows lots of roots that are stringy and grow together to make a branch. They keep growing and growing and growing. My mom said she read about one in India that grew to be five miles around. Our tree is only about 30 years old my mom estimates so it is not that big. But those root branches make it great to climb. These trees are all over in Miami. We took a picture of a lizard that lives in the tree. There are also voles and birds and iguana and an opossum that has a “hidey-hole” there. That is what my dad calls the hole.

My grandpa Richard is visiting for a couple of weeks. It was his birthday last week and since I knew that he was coming for a visit, he lives in South Carolina, I thought I would make him his favorite, banana cream pie. I used the recipe from Martha Stewart’s website. Grandpa loved it.

He came over to our house and we introduced him to the chickens.

Here are some new pics of the chicks that my mom took.