Find Your Rear End

Last night I went to the first class of a two class seminar called K9 Fitness to teach your dog how to learn where their rear end is at all times. The class is called Body Awareness. It is a short introduction to a larger class that is usually eight weeks long. I hope that they offer that class soon. I take the classes and seminars at Paws In Motion near the Falls Shopping Center.

We worked on a bunch of things: backing up, standing on unsure surfaces, walking steadily, etc. Rudy did a great job. I think that all the time we have spent in Conformation class has really helped him know how to move his body. Sometimes larger dogs have trouble with these exercises and especially doing Agility because they are big and their rear end is not something they think about much. But smaller dogs, like shelties, are better at it quicker. Rudy walks, or prances, beautifully. The other people at the class commented on his walk several times.

We even learned how to make dogs do squats. It helps them for Agility to strengthen their back legs for when they have to do hurdle jumps. The best part is that everyone gets something out of the training session. I love to work with my dogs and see other people’s dogs, the dogs think that they are playing, and it makes all of us tired and in a better mood afterwards.

Here is a link to some videos that we made:

Rudy walking through ladder

Rudy backing up

Rudy balancing on buso ball

Rudy balancing on peanut

Of course Rudy did amazing! Judy Guaraldo of Himark Shelties bred one beautiful dog!!!