My Micta

My mom and I were thinking that it would be a great weekend if we could just sit on the couch and watch all the videos of the Westminster Kennel Club show. We did watch quite a few of them today, especially, the Xolos.

I plan on being at the WKC show someday with Micta, and Rudy in Juniors of course. Watching these videos and going to shows are great and you learn so much by just looking at what everyone does or doesn’t do.

I have been working with Micta every day at least twice a day. She has really improved. She used to jump around and just go crazy when I tried to walk with her around the ring or stack her. Now, she is really good. She does the stack so well and I am almost able to get her to free stack like Rudy, who is the champion of the free stack. You should see her in action in this video.