Latest Writing Assignment

I am enrolled in an online writing program called Brave Writer. It is a great program. You can do it even if you are not homeschooled. This assignment is from the class Kids Write Intermediate. I like it, but I liked Kids Write Basic better because it was more creative writing. This one is more expository.

The teachers have such amazing ideas for assignments. My mom is always saying that she wishes that they would use them in public schools because they are so good. The first part was to write or rather free write for a few minutes but only lies and the second part was to write a poem in two line stanzas that start with “I knew then…, I know now…”also for a few minutes. Here is what I came up with.



I hate writing.

I can’t stand grooming dogs.

I love the ocean.

I can finish a story, no problem.

Music distracts me.

Hairless dogs freak me out.

Math isn’t confusing at all.

My brothers friends are annoying.

There are always 365 days in a year.



I New Then, I Know Now

I knew then 80’s music was the best.

I know now there are more artists in the world other than Duran Duran and Wham!


I knew then that I would get a Papillon when I grew up.

I know now that I’ll end up with a Border Collie instead.


I knew then that my best friend would stay with me forever.

I know now that new people can take her place.


I knew then that my shadow enjoyed following me so it could take form in the mirror.

I know now that my shadow and reflection are just a duplicate of myself.


I knew then that the wind could blow all my troubles away.

I know now that I can’t just wish away things I don’t like.


I knew then that I would stay in public school my whole life.

I know now that there are other options.


I knew then that I hated Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

I know now that there are parts I like about both of them.


I knew then that I wanted to be a Veterinarian.

I know now that some jobs require more work than I expected.


I knew then that I always wanted a horse.

I know now that I would prefer a bison.