work work work, I mean, play play play


You may know that I take training lessons for dog conformation. I go at least once a week to my class. I also work with the dogs at home. Dog conformation is nice because you don’t really need any super special equipment/tools to do it. Just a big space and a leash, well, and a dog.

This Tuesday when I was in class, my teacher, told me to walk around the ring, and then before I went back in line he said to me to stop, I got nervous that I did something wrong. Instead, he wanted to do what again what I had just done as an example to the other members of the class (they are all adults) so that was really good.

The little dog in the pictures is Xima (pronounced SHEE-MA), she is about four months old I guess. She is so cute. She likes to jump, so we are working on her not doing that. She LOVES cheese, so I use that to bait her.

We got to train for about half an hour before it started to rain. At least it was cool because of the clouds. I don’t wear shoes so I can tell if the street or sidewalk is too hot for the dogs to walk on.