I got to go to the XOLO NATIONAL!

A while back I got to go to the Xoloitzcuintli National show. It was in St. Louis, Missouri. WE DROVE! It took forever, but was worth it because we drove from Miami to Missouri and saw everything in between. Our good friend Richard came with us, I mean, he is the Xolo King! We rented a trailer and stayed at the venue which was a Purina Farms. It was so amazing. You are up in the mountains and all you can see is trees. Which, by the way, were chaining colors. The shows were four days. There were all breed, non-sporting specialty, and the xolo national. I got to meet all the people I have heard about these past two years. We had a really nice dinner with the Xoloitzcuintli Club of America, which we are members now. The day of the xolo specialty, the club vp decorated tables by the ring and there were these delicious treats she had made. There was also a raffle where we won some cool stuff. We went to dinner out in St. Louis with other friends and I rode a bike down a huge hill. Not a big deal, well, I live in Miami. There are NO hills here, at all, none.