Davie, WPB, and Miami

I have been very busy lately with showing. Three shows almost in a month. I know that is not a lot for some people, but it is for me right now.

The Davie show was first. At this show I am unable to show my xolos because it would not be ethical as their breeder and co-owner is the show chair. So instead I brought Q, my Norwegian Buhund, and helped out some friends show their dogs when they were unable to do so. I get to have more time in the ring and I get to work with different breeds of dogs. I worked with Carin Terriers and Tibetan Spaniels. They are both small dogs and require a much different showing style than the standard xolos that I normally show.

With Q, I was in groups (both regular and owner handler), after going BOB, Best of Breed all three days. The best part was that I was able to show under Judge Patricia Trotter, a long time champion Norwegian Elkhound breeder/handler. She is always on the green carpet in Westminster. The dogs show shows/breeds are spitz type dogs from Norway just like Q. Her high praise of him was wonderful to hear. Guess what, I am number three in the country in AKC National Owner Handler Series in Buhunds right now!!!

Next was the West Palm Beach show. You get to dress up in pink and green and there is a contest for best outfit.  I didn’t put any points on Gertrudis, which was alright because it was her first show and she is still learning. I did put a five point major on Quilla, a coated variety owned by a good friend. We also got to hang out with some new friends that have a Portuguese Water Dog. They are really nice people. I did not get to go to my favorite vegan restaurant, next time I hope.

Finally, was the Miami show. That one is nice because it is close to my house so we don’t have to get up that early. I showed both of my own dogs, the same cairns and tibetan spaniels from the other shows, and also a Bichon Frise.

The next show is in Tampa and we get to visit my great grandpa.