Puppy Love!

Oh My Goodness!!!!!

This weekend we drove to St. Pete Beach to visit my Great Grandpa Clint and the new puppy.
The day after we arrived we went to the breeder, HiMark Shelties, of Palm Harbor, FL. We got to spend time with the puppies first, than she let in the adult dogs. She had at least 15!!!!! She told us to sit on the couches and remain calm. They came in and WOW! Shelties everywhere! Boots, Rudy’s (our pup) father, remained outside to catch any stray hamburgers thrown over the fence by BK employees. I know we will get along because burgers are my favorite! It was amazing. Dogs everywhere, all over us. They loved Finn too.
Rudy, my pup, is now four and a half weeks old. It is important to meet and get to know your puppy if you can at this age. You can see their personality and if they fit you. You cannot tell what they are like from a picture very much. Now, at this age, they are pretty quiet and cannot move around too much, but you can get an idea how they will be. The breeder said that our pup has really good posture. She said that this is important for agility.
We had a great time. We stayed there an hour and a half playing with them. The breeder said she wished that I lived closer and could come every day and play with them to socialize them. I do too.
Here are some pictures of our visit.
Me holding the tiniest one of another litter of sable shelties. She was born with a cleft pallet and had to be tube fed for the past six weeks. My puppy is the black one in the picture.
This is little Rudolph Valentino, we are calling him Rudy for short.
What a cutie, my little Rudy.
Finn holding the tiny one.
Rudy again.
Puppy Attack!
Finn’s favorite.
Wild One!
Me and Rudy.
Me and Rudy’s mother, Streak.
Sheltie Attack!
Rudy’s father, Boots! So Gorgeous!
Finn and Rudy’s mother.
Sheltie Swarm!!!!!!!
Streak giving me advice on taking over raising her son.
Can you believe how cute they all are? It was very very difficult to leave and not take home ten more.