When you wake up in the morning and you eat a doggie treat, you brush your teeth…

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is about Doggie Dental Care. Making sure you do this will help your dog, or cat, from suffering from so many things: bad breath (well, that doesn’t bother your dog but it will bother you) tartar, plaque buildup and gingivitis. All these lead to life-threatening infections and issues including heart, liver, and kidney disease.

You can read more about it at the ASPCA website listed below.


This is a really easy way to help your pet stay healthy. Sunny, our golden retriever, is really easy! She just sits there and lets you brush her teeth. You really need to do the outside, not the inside so much. We do their teeth every other day. You can brush them every day, but doing it at least once a week is helpful.

Having your pet’s teeth cleaned at the veterinarian is really expensive. They have to put the animal under anesthesia and that cost so much. There are other methods, like the non-anesthesia method that is available at places like Pepe Le Pooche Resort & Spa in Kendall, next to Vesuvio’s (Delicious!!!!) pizza.

This is the website describing the service if you want to check them out. We are planning on taking Sunny and Klaus there even if we brush their teeth. It is always a good idea for some professional help.


Either way, please take the time to brush your pet’s teeth. It will help them and you, remember that stinky breath!

Here are a few pictures of me, my brother and my dad brushing their teeth tonight.
This is my dad brushing Klaus the Dachshund. He is squirmy so I have to hold him while my dad brushes his teeth. He is not growling, my dad is just holding his lips out of the way.
This is the tooth paste and tooth brush we use. You can get them at any pet store. See how the tooth brush is made, so it does brush the inside.
After we brush their teeth we use this liquid rinse. You just squirt it in their mouth and they swish it around. We got this at the vet’s office. I am not sure if you can buy this rinse at the pet shop.