Taiwan and Golden Retrievers

After school when we walk back to the car with my mom we sometimes stop and talk to this nice woman who has an Aussie. She lets us throw the ball to the dog, Bella. Bella plays fetch like her life depends on it. Really, that dog will play fetch for hours!

My mom had brought Sunny with her to pick us up. I love when she does this. She did it today because Sunny has her CGC test tomorrow and needs practice with being in crowds. I will post about it tomorrow after we come back from the test. Wish us luck. Anyway, this woman loves Sunny, well, everyone does. She told us the saddest thing about goldens.

This is a picture I copied from the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles website. They get full photo credit (my mom said to put this)

She told us that she has a friend in California who has started a group to rescue goldens from Taiwan. Do you believe this? I looked up Taiwan and it is really far away. The woman told us that the people there like to have puppies that have the perfect puppy look and I guess they think that goldens have that look. So they get them and then when the grow up and are too big because the houses in Taiwan are small they get rid of the dogs. They send them to shelters that kill them in seven days or they just put them out in the street.

When we got home my mom and I looked this up on the internet. This is a big problem that has been going on for years. I cannot believe that we did not know about this problem.

This is a link to a video I found on Youtube: http://youtu.be/1zoKOUNvgXs

If you type in Golden Retriever and Taiwan you will find a bunch of them on Youtube.

This is a link to a website for the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue


They are one of the main groups helping with this problem.

Well, apparently, I have to go, this just jumped up on the bed where me and my mom are trying to work on the computer. How can I resist this cutie?