CGC Test for Sunny

Hey Everyone,

Well, guess what? Sunny passed her CGC, Canine Good Citizen, test this afternoon!!!!!!

We went to the testing site and practiced for about half an hour and then we took the test. There were five dogs taking the test today. There are ten things you and your dog have to master:

1. Accepting a friendly stranger.
2. Sitting politely for petting.
3. Appearance and grooming.
4. Walking on a loose leash.
5. Walking through a crowd.
6. Sit and Down on command. /  Stay in place.
7. Come when called.
8. Reaction to another dog.
9. Reaction to distractions.
10. Supervised separation.

There are classes to help you prepare for these things, we took one and then practiced all the time. Well, Sunny was pretty good at them but practice is always good.

Tracy Hannah, the owner of Paws in Motion, giving us some last minute information.
This was during the testing of Accepting a Stranger.
During the testing of Grooming.
During the testing of Walking through a Crowd.
During the testing of Greeting a Stranger and Another Dog.
The Great Sunny with her ribbon!!!