From 2014 – Hammocks Bark Park


We live pretty close to a big dog park. It is in The Hammocks area on 157th avenue and just north of 120 street. It is a Bark Park which means that you can have your dog off their leash so they can run around. The best thing about this park is that it has an area for big dogs (over 35 pounds) and a small dog area (under 35 pounds).  We used to go every morning right after we dropped Finn off at school. But it is too hot so now we go after dinner. It is still hot but not that bad. Last night my mom brought her camera and took some pictures. The best part of last night was that there were soooo many Weins! There was even one in a doggie wheelchair harness. Finn brought home a book from the library a couple of weeks ago about a dog named Gretchen who had to use one of them. The dog in the harness was named Pixie and she must have been in love with Klaus because she kept chasing him. The only time she had trouble was when he ran in the grass, but on the sidewalk she went pretty fast. We go so many times to this park that we have friends that we meet there. It is fun to hear their stories and get to know their dogs.