From 2014 – Sunny’s First Class at Paws in Motion

Hi Everyone,

On Sunday my mom signed me up for a class at a really great place near The Falls shopping center here in Miami called Paws in Motion. It is a place where you and your dog go to take Obedience, Tricks, Party Games, Agility, Therapy training, and many more types of classes. We, Sunny and I, took Party Games. Well, we were supposed to take the Tricks class but I think someone got confused. But we took the Games class and had so much fun!

Here is a link to their website:

The class was an hour long and I think we passed that time and were there for about a hour and a half.  There were six other dogs: toy Aussie, Chocolate Lab, Dachshund, Sunny (of course) and a few others that were mixed breeds. We did games with our dogs that were really obedience lessons in disguise.

It was so great. I cannot wait to go again. I am pretty sure my mom signed me and Sunny up for a class this Sunday that teaches your dog to ignore distractions. Sunny is pretty good with that, but my  mom said she is going to bring Klaus, also known as The Wein, and he loves distractions. You should see him chase lizards!!

See that red and yellow thing behind me and Sunny? Well, after a few tries she went over that and down the other side. Next time I want to try the tubes!