Great Grandpa Clint and Sally the Bulldog

This is my Great Grandpa Clint. He was 90 years old this past December. His birthday is the same as my dad’s. He is from Iva, South Carolina and lives in Florida now.

This is me and my Great Grandpa Clint when I was three.

This is the house where he lived in South Carolina.

He has lived everywhere and done pretty much everything. He was in the Army for over 30 years, retiring a Full Colonel. I love to spend time with him and his dog, Penny. She is a Papillon and follows him everywhere. They found her at a shelter. She was a dog that belonged to one of those breeders that had too many dogs in their house, otherwise known as a puppy mill. The person died and the dogs were found, I think there were 40 of them in the house. She is much happier now living with Great Grandpa Clint.

Back to Great Grandpa Clint. He LOVES dogs! He has always had one he says. Every time we visit him he and I sit down and talk about two things, Beverly his yellow convertible Thunderbird which I plan to buy from him when I am 16 and DOGS!

This is what Beverly looks like, isn’t she pretty!!

He has so many stories about dogs. I love them so much and I thought I should write about them for you to enjoy.

The first story is about a bulldog named Sally he had when he was a child.  He always wanted a dog and his grandfather, that is who raised him and his brother, would not let him have one unless it was a male dog. His friend in school had a dog that his uncle did not want any more and he offered the dog to him. He asked his uncle Bud to take him to get the dog. His uncle said he would take him but he would have to pay for the gas for the Model A Ford because he did not have any. So he saved up a quarter to pay for the gas and his uncle took him to get the dog.

Can you imagine driving in this type of car? I can just see Sally hanging her head out of the window.

The dog was a female! My Great Grandpa said he took the dog anyway because he wanted one so badly. He brought it home and his grandpa was not happy.

A few days after the dog came home, my Great Grandpa’s grandpa was shucking corn out in the corn crib. That is a building outside that held the corn they grew on the farm. When they shucked the corn the chickens would always come over and eat it and his grandpa hated that. Sally came over and stood between the chickens and the corn. She also stopped other animals from eating what they were not supposed to around the farm. She then became my Great Grandpa’s grandpa’s dog.

My Great Grandpa Clint’s grandfather would drink moonshine, sometimes too much. He was mean to my Great Grandpa Clint, his brother and their cousin who also lived with them when he as drunk. But the dog seemed to know when he was getting drunk and would leave the farm and run over to my Great Grandpa Clint’s uncle’s house, about a mile away, and when his uncle saw the dog he knew that his father was drunk and might beat the kids. So he would come over that take the kids away until his father would not be drunk anymore.

One day my Great Grandpa’s grandpa took the dog to someone’s house to breed the dog, so that family could have a good guard dog. They did not keep the dog on a leash and she ran away. My Great Grandpa thinks she tried to come back to him but the distance was too far and she was killed by stray dogs which are common in farm country.

He was really sad about this happening. But it did not change his love for dogs.