Only In Florida Can You…

Today was a great day. On Wednesdays I go to my class at the Deering Estate to study Environmental Conservation. We usually go to a classroom at the DE and learn about something interesting then we take a walk through the woods and mangroves around the estate. Today we went to the Everglades Outpost in Homestead, FL. I have been there before and have even posted about it but any trip to see animals is good enough to do again.

My teacher from the DE, Tim, gave us the tour. He actually lives at the Outpost. That would be so much fun. You would get to be around all those animals all the time.

I got to pet wolves and ride the alligator. I held a huge Burmese Python that the people at the Outpost caught in the wild. It was about ten feet long. My favorite dog, a Bernese Mountain Dog was not there. I am not sure where he was. But the other dogs were there and I got to play with them. But we did get to feed frozen rats to alligators and hay to tigers and camels and donkeys.

We learned all about the alligators, crocodiles, panthers, wolves, tigers, black bears, and so many other animals. The weather was nice, not too hot.

After, me and my mom stopped at Robert Is Here, a produce market that makes milk shakes. I got blackberry and my mom got banana mango, they were both not too good. Next time we decided to just stick with one flavor shakes. I do not know why my mom bought mango anything, she hates mango.