A Border Collie and a Sheltie go for a Walk

Today was a great day. I got to work with a border collie. Sheyla Gutierrez, the dog trainer at Paws in Motion, that we work with asked me to help her socialize her border collie Shiny. He is scared around kids, well, most people but especially kids.

We met at the park next to the dog training building and walked our dogs around the park. Rudy loved it. He got to be outdoors and with another dog. We even brought Sunny. She was so crazy. She kept jumping around and crying to get to the other dogs. My mom had to hold her back and make her sit. Shiny did really well. He walked nicely with us right next to him. He is a super cute dog.

Next time we are going to bring toys to play with the dogs.

I forgot to bring my camera, we left in a hurry. I will bring it next time so I can take pictures to show you.