Love being homeschooled

Today is Wednesday so that means going to the Deering Estate. The class was pretty small today so we decided to go to another section of the property and seine up some fish. We all got into the big van and drove to this other section of the estate and had a great time. I got to use my new camera and took some video underwater, it is not that good, so I did not put it up. I will take more later.

At the beginning of class we looked at praying mantis.  We got to take home our very own praying mantis. They are very small right now because they are only a few weeks old but in time they will grow. When they get older we will release them into the backyard, this is a good way to get rid of bad bugs. The teacher told us to give them names that fit for a boy or girl because when they are young you cannot tell what their gender is, you have to wait until they are fully grown. You can tell the gender because the boys are usually much smaller than the girls. I named mine Alex.




If you look at the leaf on the right at the top of the jar you can see Alex.



This is where we went after we made our terrariums for the praying mantis.


This is the path down to the water



These are mangrove trees. They live in salt water. The underside of their leaves absorbs the salt, which would kill them. It turns them black. Their roots are all those branches out of the water.



This is cyan algae