Infographically Explained: Should You Self-Publish or Go Traditional?

My mom showed me this today. I want to be a writer. I love creative writing, mostly about dogs or at least stories with a dog. My mom is always telling me to start thinking about what kind of writer I want to be for fun and what I want to do as a job. I said I would like to be an editor. It makes this chart less scary.

Publishing Insights


The Write Life publishes an infographic to help authors decide whether they should pursue self-publishing or follow the path of traditional publishing.

In a discussion of this infographic, Mutterings of a Fantasy Writer refers to July 2014 Author Earnings Report which reports some statistics about “emerging trends in the world of digital publishing”

One thing that I’ve wanted to point out is that I think there is a general misconception with traditional and self publishers about “getting the book out there.” There is no “out there.” There is only “who is for” and “how is the author cultivating and adding value for readers.” People read and share information based on trust in relationships, and we should bear that in mind when we write/publish a book.

Image Credit: The Write Life

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