Day Two

Today we, my mom and me, went again to volunteer at the Agility Trials at Tropical Park. We got there at 8:30 in the morning and left at 4 pm! We smelled pretty bad when we got home. We took showers right away.

Since we were there so long we had many different jobs. Today I got to do a job I had not done before, Gate Steward. You have to stand next to a board that has a list of the dogs running in the course by jump height. You have to call out the names to the people working the ring to tell them what height the dogs are jumping, who is up next, who follows, and when to change the bar height on the jumps. I really like this job.

I did again the leash running and jump fixing and I even switched with someone that did not think they could do the chute fixing, so I did it. Everyone is really nice there. Even if you mess up, they help you fix it. Sheyla Gutierrez, our teacher in dog training classes at Paws in Motion was a judge. I think maybe one day I might like that job too.

We did not get any pictures because we forgot to charge the battery for the camera.

Tomorrow we, my whole family, are going to just watch. My brother, Finn, is going to love it and so is my dad.

Today everyone asking why I was not in school, and when the found out I was homeschooled they were so surprised. They kept telling me that I could use this time volunteering as community service hours, but I told them homeschool students don’t have to do community service hours. I just do this for fun.

We also got these little paper tickets for volunteering. For every job we did we got some tickets. They were worth money, $2 each ticket. You could use them at the food counter or you can save them to use for future agility competitions for your entrance fee. We used some for a sandwich and are saving the rest for when Rudy is ready to enter his first agility competition. We also entered a raffle that gives you a discount for future agility competitions. I hope we win.