Alex Update

Yesterday we went to Pangea. It is a pet shop for reptiles. They had SNAKES! I love snakes. I want a King Snake. They had a baby one. My mom said that I could not have a snake. I am going to keep asking because I really want one.

We went there to buy fruit flies. That is what Alex eats. We bought a whole container of them. It even has fruit fly larvae so that it will keep making them for Alex to eat.

We put some in the jar when we got out of the store, we brought Alex with us. Alex went crazy and ate so many of them. I think Alex has grown twice his/her size since I brought him/her home. I am not sure if Alex is a boy or a girl. You don’t know until they are older.




Here is Alex.



The man that worked at the pet shop was really nice. He told us a story about praying mantis. He said that people buy an egg case and let it hatch. Then they just leave all the babies together and as they get older they start eating each other. When the last one is left alive that is the one they keep as a pet. Gross.


My mom told me that when we lived in Virginia she and my dad used to go to nurseries and buy them to put in our garden. You cannot buy them here because the winter never gets cold enough to get rid of them. You have to buy the egg case from the internet.