Recall Training with Rudy

Today I was working with Rudy on Recall training. This is when you put you dog on a leash, I used the really big one that is about 20 feet long, and call them to you. You should start this with a smaller leash so they are closer to you. I would start with one that is about four feet long. Then you walk around not paying attention to the dog and then call their name. They should come over to you. If they don’t then you sort of pull the leash, and you sort of go to them and give them a treat. They cannot tell if you are coming to them or they are going to you, they just know that you two are coming closer together. That way they learn that being close to you means the get a treat because you are the most fun thing for them.

Here is a video we made showing me and Rudy working together. If is on the Dogs On My Mind Youtube Channel at

Having your dog come to you when you call them is really important. If they are off leash and another dog comes or a car you need them to come to you right away for safety. It is also important if you do dog agility or obedience. You need them to know that what you say to them is what is the best thing for them to do.