Rudy at Conformation Training

Tuesday nights are long but so much fun. On Tuesdays we go to Paws in Motion for dog training. The first class we go to is called Super Dog and it teaches you so many different things. Many of the things we learn are good for Agility training. Tonight we learned to do Go Around. You know when you are walking the dog and they get tangled around a tree. Well, Go Around teaches you to train them to get untangled. It is also good for Agility because it teaches the dog to follow your command to different targets like the tunnel, a jump or even a dog walk. My other dog Klaus, the dachshund, is good at it.


Rudy was tired and full because he ate a late lunch, I have to remember not to let him do that again. So we worked with a toy instead as a treat. He was pretty good at it for his first time.

Then after that class we stay for another class, Conformation training. Tonight was great because no one else came. Probably because last weekend was the dog show so maybe they gave their dogs a break this week. But it was like a private lesson. That was really nice. My mom got some pictures and a video, so check them out.

That is my teacher, George Griffin, teaching me how to have Rudy stand when the judges will be inspecting him. See how I am dressed? You have to wear nice clothes even for Conformation Class.


You have to hold the leash and show them a treat to get them to look in a certain direction.



The video is on the Youtube site at