Science Fair Project – Dog Saliva versus Neosporin

I am in the fifth grade and we are required to do a science fair project. I, of course, wanted to do something with dogs. We searched on the internet and found an experiment that compared dog saliva with Neosporin in curing germs/bacteria. I thought that I could just use my own saliva and I have enough dogs to choose from right? We used Sunny.

We bought the materials on the internet. We got a kit of 20 petri dishes, sterile cotton swabs and agar.




Monday me and my mother prepared the petri dishes with the agar. You had to melt the agar and pour it in the petri dishes. We made six dishes.

20150323_6996 20150323_6997

Today, we labeled the dishes and started the experiment. In one dish we left just the agar to show that it was not contaminated. In another dish we swabbed my saliva only. In two more dishes we swabbed my saliva and Neosporin. In the last two dishes we swabbed my saliva and Sunny’s saliva.









You had to wet the swabs with the water or they will not pick up the saliva correctly.

We taped them up so stuff won’t get in them and placed them on the counter. Now we are just waiting for something to happen.