Training Me

Everyone tells you that dog training is really about training the person and not so much the dog. Well, it’s true. Last night, Tuesday is dog training class night, at Rudy’s class I learned that it is more important for me to look excited so Rudy will get my energy and be excited. Then in conformation class my teacher told me that if I look happy and confident then the dog will do the same and the judges will look at me instead of the other people in the competition.  Once I stood tall and proud Rudy did walk better. Also, when presenting the dog on the table you have to do the same, be confident. Boy, did Binky do well when I did this. It was so much easier.  So, remember, you don’t have to yell or jerk around your dog, just be nice and wait them out and they will give you their best.

Oh, and when I went to socialize Shiney, my trainer’s border collie, he was great. He brushed up against me and did not get upset and he even gave me his toy to throw to him. I think all because I was confident and happy.