Backyard Critters

This morning Finn and I were out in the yard walking the dogs and came across this little critter. It is a millipede. Guess what? They are not insects. They are called the Rusty Millipede or Trigoniulus Corallinus. They are in the taxonomy is of the arthropod class Diplopoda. There are over 12,000 kinds of millipedes. They are different from Centipedes because they have two legs on each part of their body and centipedes have only one leg on each part. They are originally from China and probably came here on the ships that bring things from China to America.

They are not poisonous. They are just creepy crawly but really cute. They like leaves and wet spots around your yard. They come in to your house and die because it is too dry.

So if you see one, don’t worry they are nice.