Me and Michele
Me and Michele

Yesterday was the last day of my Creative Writing class with my teacher Michele Rothkopf. The next class is going to be taught by another person that she picked to take over. I really liked Michele, she was great at editing my writing and encouraging me to do write more and write poems which I never used to do much.

At the End of Course Celebration the students and even their parents read pieces that they had written. I wrote the poem titled Time that is below. It rhymes and I never write ones that rhyme so it is new for me. Also, it is not about dogs. I know, can you believe it?

Please let me know what you think, I like constructive criticism on all my work.


Today changes tomorrow

Tomorrow changes the next

Days go by without stopping

Leaving people perplexed

We cannot stop days from going by

No matter what we do

Time goes on forever

Everyday is new

A day may seem like it never ends

Then we see the truth

Time is precious to us all

No one has eternal youth