Not much happening today. Literally. I got to go to music class at the school. It has been about two months since we had class. Testing and other stuff and they cancel it all the time or they just show a movie. The kids in the class that aren’t homeschooled like me have to take an end of the year test in music. I don’t have to so I am not worried. But they have a test and have not had class. So I went today. Guess what? That’s right, no class. Well, we watched a movie, The Emperor’s New Groove. What a waste of my time. At least it was good to see my friends and my dad had to come to school to pick up Finn anyway.

Tomorrow is going to be the final part of the Therapy Dog test for Sunny. Did I tell you that we were supposed to have it a couple of weeks ago but the tester did not show up. We contacted another tester and she is meeting us tomorrow to finalize the test. I am so excited. I get to finally begin working at the library with the lady that has the greyhounds near my house having kids read to Sunny. Sunny is going to love sitting there being pet and read to.

Okay, have to go. I decided that I need to watch all the Star Wars movies. So we are starting with Star Wars Episode I where Anakin Skywalker is little and first goes to be a Jedi. We are watching them in chronological order, not how they made them.