Alex the Praying Mantis Update 5

We have moved Alex, my praying mantis, to a bigger house. He is now in an old ten gallon tank we had in the garage. We bought him a wire lid but had to add some screen from our front door because the moths could still get out. They are smaller than you think.

He is pretty big. He is about four inches long. When he gets ready to eat something he sways back and forth. My dad said that when he was eating a moth he saw him curl his tail up toward his head. I want to see that.

We got him some plants and some sticks from the yard so he could climb around and feel safe. We put a small water bowl in and put pebbles in it so he would not drown in just water.

He likes his new home. The tank is behind the couch in the living room near a big sliding glass door so he gets lots of sunlight and warmth. We mist him twice a day.