Alex the Praying Mantis Update 6

When I went to my class at the Deering Estate I told them about Alex. They were shocked. They said theirs was not as big and had not molted. Alex has molted a bunch of times. I think that she is a female. She is green and theirs is brown. She is huge and theirs are small. I was smart to name her a name that works for both.

My dad got the molted shell out of the tank and my mom took some pictures of it. It is really cool. She told me about when she was young and lived in Texas and would take the locust shells and she and her brother and sister would put them all over them and run in the house screaming like they were being attacked by locust to scare their parents and grandmother. I did not do this with Alex’s shell.

It was really cool to be able to see her molting. The most amazing part was because she was twice the size of the shell when she came out. I will try to get some pictures of her on Finn’s hand up close.