So Tired!

Today was the last day of my class for the school year at the Deering Estate. We were supposed to go to Bill Baggs Park on Key Biscayne and go kayaking and hiking and some other stuff but the weather here in Miami is really rainy. When the rains and winds come the seagrass beds get murky and you can’t see too many fish. So, the teacher said we should stay at Deering and go kayaking there because that area is protected by reefs and land masses that make the waters clearer when there are storms.

Before we went out to kayak we played with the animals that are in the classroom.

Link to video of the Leopard Gecko (he does not have a name yet):

Link to video of Abe the Bearded Dragon:

It was nice. There were clouds blocking the sun and my friends from the class were there and my mom came too. It was really fun. We went out for three hours; when we came back we were wet and tired. Part of the way through the mangroves was narrow. We had to push our boat by putting our oars on the tree roots instead of in the water. We got stuck a bunch of times. We got bumped by my mom’s kayak in the back. And the boys in one kayak kept splashing us. It was annoying but we got to get wet so it was okay.

Click on this link to my Youtube channel to see a video of us kayaking through the narrow path, you won’t believe how narrow it was!

This is me with my teacher Steven Diaz. He is a marine biologist. He runs the classes at Deering and does a great job. He is one of my favorite teachers at Deering. If you get a chance to go there you should look for him. He is really funny and makes the class feel like recess but you still learn a whole bunch of things.


When me and my mom got home we took showers immediately. Mangrove water is smelly!