Dogs in the Park

Today my mom tells me out of the blue that she wants to go to the dog park and that we can bring Rudy! It was lunch time so we grabbed some food and put the leashes on the dogs and went to the park. Klaus whined the whole way there. The guy at the window at McDonald’s could even hear him he was so loud. There were two small dogs there when we got there. Rudy kept trying to herd them. I told my mom that he kept crouching down and watching them and was herding them and she thought that I said, hurt them. She couldn’t figure out how he was hurting them by staring at them. It was funny. Then I told her again that I said herd them and she got it.

We did not stay long, it was just before noon and it was hot. A very big difference from yesterday when it hailed.

Rudy and even Sunny went over the dog jump. That is a big thing for Sunny, she never wanted to go over it before. I guess she is learning from Rudy. Maybe she will do agility after all. Klaus still cannot jump over, he is too short. Such a little Wien.