Shelties Shelties Shelties

Today my mom drove me, Finn and Daniela to Tradewinds Park, where Butterfly World is, to go to the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Southeast Florida Meeting and Get Together. This was our first time. We wanted to check it out. We brought Rudy of course. You were supposed to bring a treat for the humans so my mom bought black and white cookies and chocolate and vanilla cupcakes in honor of Rudy the Bi-Black Sheltie.

I officially became a member of the club which is great. Their website is They were a nice bunch of people. I already knew some of them from the Agility shows I volunteer to work. It was good to see them in a place where I don’t have to work and we could just talk about our dogs and other stuff.

We also met a cousin of Rudy’s named Chloe. She was also a Bi-Black Himark Sheltie. Can you believe it? She was really cute. The photo-bomber in the blue shirt is Dee, she does the web design for Himark, she was funny. I liked her. She reminded my mom of her friend Janice.

We met the lady that does the website for Himark Shelties and the people that bred the other sheltie in the dog training class Rudy and I are in right now. The dog is Archer and he is from Enclave Shelties in Davie, FL. The people Meredith and Hector who own and run Enclave were super nice. They told my mom about a show in June that also has workshops on how to be a Junior Handler for Conformation in Orlando we are going to try to go to. It is good to go to these meetings and classes, you get to meet new people, see dogs, and learn about so many things.